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Ananse the Webmaker

We are a registered and innovative IT firm which places the interest of its customers first!

Like the spider, diligently and purposefully, we help weave the 'fabrics' of businesses together, ensuring growth and development, even from the scratch.

Our superb products and services are cost effective, personalised to suit your business needs, as you instruct.








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Our Services

1. Web design & development

Acquire a functioning website in 3 days.
Additional benefits include: Free hosting/domain registration; Free company logo; etc.

2. Web hosting

We provide a timely service with a wide array of tools to take your business online; a fast loading and secured websites.

3. Graphic Design

Our graphic design services include production of:
Logos; Flyers; Illustrations; business branding.

4. IT Support

Won't you let us maintain and repair your computer and its accessories; software and hardware installations, while you channel your energy in growing your business?

5. Software Development

No matter the type and size of your business, we have a software that can help organize your expenses, analyze your sales and correspond with customers, manufacturers and other businesses.

6. E-Marketing

With e-marketing, customers can find adequate market information from their computers or cell phones on the goods and/or services that you offer without the customer leaving home 24/7.

Our Team

Our workforce is efficient, ethical and trustworthy, as we know that a good reputation is worth a hundred illegitimate sales.
Members of the team include...

Paa Kwesi

Director; Programmer


Secretary; Marketer




Programmer/Graphic designer

Why do I need a website?

" If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business "

Bill Gates

Published by Navii on October 5, 2018

1. Working even in the midst Covid-19

My website which is my "shop window" can be visited 24/7, even in the midst of covid-19 pandemic. My customers/clients can hook onto my site, and familiarise themselves with my company and the services and products I offer at their own fitting time.

In other words, it allows my cherished customers/clients to contact me 24/7.

Isn't that amazing!

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